RegenCAN Global

RegenCAN (Regenerative Community Action Network) is an initiative of the Rescue Earth System

We are a social enterprise that uses regenerative development and ecosystem restoration to help impoverished individuals and communities prosper.

The values implicit in the RegenCAN ethos underpin our commitment to a just transition that is founded on the principles of equitable access to opportunities and resources.

We believe in the empowerment of individuals and communities so that they can uplift themselves.

The RegenCAN Indigent FD+ Compact is a Rescue Earth initiative whose primary objective is to provide community resilience orientated work for impoverished individuals in exchange for food, utilities, and goods & services that have been donated by donors. The FOOD plus token (FD+) is used exclusively by the RegenCAN Indigent FD+ Compact.

The micro BLITZ Time Exchange is a community based time banking initiative. Members exchange time and skills (work) with each other and earn ‘time credits’ in return. Due to the distributed nature of the network, these time credits — mBZ tokens — can in turn be exchanged for other member services. The self-regulating mBZ token cycle is seamless and continuous.